The world of the norns – “Nornornas värld”

Sometimes you want to do good. Help someone, share some of your time and your happiness. The new coloring book “Nornornas värld” is that kind of project. After making “Nålbindning” and having it translated to German and French, and making a coloring book for children, I wanted to do something that didn’t focus on learning and teaching. I wanted to do something for fun, and at the same time do some good in the world. This thought turned into a collaboration with some of the most talented and interesting women I know, in which they were free to interpret the Viking era in their own way. The pictures are wonderfully charming and full of soul, and there are little secrets woven into the lines. Pictures that will hopefully instill a feeling of connection across the centuries to anyone who colors them.

The women I have worked with are not only wonderfully creative, but also caring and generous, so instead of asking to be payed they agree to give the money to charity instead. Scanglas, who handles the sales and distribution, is also working for charity this time, and through this collaboration half of what you pay goes to Plan International and their work for education and safety for girls. If You want to do more to change the world, You can either give some of Your earnings to charity, or, if You want, put a lower mark up than usual to boost sales. No matter what You choose, Your participation will make a difference – every book counts.

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